Welcome to Klondike ISD

From the office of

The Principal

Friday, April 18th is going to be a very special day at Klondike.  We have several special events planned that I want you to know about. 

9:00 a.m.-  Kindergarten Easter Play in the Auditorium

9:30 a.m.- STAAR rally in the small gym.  The theme for the rally this year is Super Staar.  We will be giving prizes in each class for the best super hero costume. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for costumes, just try to find things around the house you can use.

10:30 a.m.- Elementary Easter Egg Hunt

10:30 a.m.- Jr. High and HS presentation in the auditorium:  Don’t Text and Drive

11:30 a.m.- Jr. High and HS Easter Egg Hunt

12:20 p.m.- Early Dismissal

We want to invite our entire community out to Klondike for each of these events.  It is truly going to be a “Good Friday”. 

Happy Easter,

Tony Bushong